Inventioneers Discovering Enterprise Applications

“We want to listen to every person who has an idea; even if they don’t work at KZValve! Ideas are all around us, all the time, they just need to be recognized.”

— Keith Ziegenbein, C.E.O. and C0-COB

KZValve is committed to:

  1. Hear your idea
  2. Consider your idea
  3. Discuss your idea

And possibly…

Implement your idea!

Have you ever had an idea but just didn’t have a platform to bring it to life?! Now you do. We have created a program for people who want to share their ideas, have them considered, discussed, and possibly, implemented.

The process for submitting the idea form is simple, just click on the link below, read and agree to the rules, submission terms and conditions, and fill out the submission form.


You never know who is going to come up with the next great idea!