NEW ZIPValve by KZValve

NEW ZIPValve by KZValve

The NEW KZValve ZIPValve 2-way motorized ball valve is designed with extreme precision in mind.

KZValve’s newest design allows for instantaneous ON/OFF control with a full port stainless steel ball valve for unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.

The ZIPValve is made for actuation and is very robust and highly reliable compared to solenoid and plunger valves, which may fail under harsh conditions.


  • 1/4″ full port, compact motorized ball valve
  • 3/8″ push to connect fittings
  • Extremely low continuous power consumption
  • Waterproof Actuator
  • Single Valve with motor weighs only 4 ounces
  • Electrical connection M12 (4 pin connector)
  • Available in Two Control Options:
      1. Simple 3-wire, 12 VDC on/off actuation
      2. Operating as an individually addressed valve on a LINBUS system



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