Check Mate

Key Features
  • Designed for rugged outdoor use
  • Wireless remote control of ON/OFF and regulating valves
  • Control up to 10 valves individually or simultaneously
  • Super-bright LEDs are visible in direct sunlight
  • Waterproof enclosure

Check Mate

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  • ON/OFF and regulating control of up to 10 valves individually or all at once
  • Check the operation of valves remotely, which saves time and money!
  • Rugged, waterproof controller


Handheld CM900t Remote Specifications:

  • 900 MHz wireless “transceiver”
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • 300' line-of-sight range
  • Stainless steel belt clip plus lanyard slot
  • Power source: 2 AA batteries
  • Auto-off battery saver
  • Field programmable features

Valve Receiver CM900R Specifications:

  • One receiver controls up to two valves
  • Syncs magnetically to CM900T handheld remote
  • Quick installation
  • Waterproof enclosure