KZValve Introduces New 1" Manifold and Fittings

KZValve announces the new QF Series 1" manifold compatible with 1⁄2" TX2, and 3⁄8" ZIPValve lines.  Manufacturers now have the ability to pair 1⁄2" and 3⁄8" valves with a right-sized 1" manifold. The new manifold can feed multiple outlets or serve as a stand-alone section valve. All fittings and manifold sections are attached with a convenient fork connection. The 1⁄2" QD Series manifold is al...
KZValve Expands Product Lines with 3/8" ZIPValve and Waterproof Smart Control

The ⅜" ZIPValve offering bridges the gap between the already popular 1⁄4" ZIPValve and the 1⁄2" TX2 valves designed and manufactured by KZValve. This new product will flow a generous 11.2 GPM at a 5 PSI drop. The ⅜" ZIPValve provides enough flow for fence and end-row applications on sprayers, as well as on other applications where a bulky 1⁄2" or 1" valve is traditionally used. A variety of fit...
NEW ZIPValve by KZValve

The NEW KZValve ZIPValve 2-way motorized ball valve is designed with extreme precision in mind.
KZValve Adds Deutsch Lid and Outlet Options to ZIPValve

KZValve has added a Deutsch lid option to the current M12 ZIPValve in 2018. Users can now power their ZIPValve on and off using either a Deutsch or M12 electrical connection.