KZValve Introduces New 1" Manifold and Fittings

February 15, 2022

February 2022 – KZValve announces the new QF Series 1" manifold compatible with 1⁄2" TX2, and 3⁄8" ZIPValve lines. 

Manufacturers now have the ability to pair 1⁄2" and 3⁄8" valves with a right-sized 1" manifold. The new manifold can feed multiple outlets or serve as a stand-alone section valve. All fittings and manifold sections are attached with a convenient fork connection. The 1⁄2" QD Series manifold is also compatible with the new 1" QF Series manifold to create even more configurations, including a manifold bypass option when paired with a 3-Way valve.

The initial offering includes a 1" QF Series manifold, 1" flange, blank end cap with optional gauge port, and 1" straight hose barbs.

KZValve is a family-owned business in Greenwood, NE, originating in 1976. KZValve specializes in engineering design services and produces rugged, waterproof, motorized, electric, valves and controllers for a variety of industries globally.


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